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Say goodbye to the pacifier gently and for good

Clipp® is the only pacifier on the market equipped with a weaning device for a gentle final stop, at the child's own pace, but effective and guaranteed.


How does it work?

The Clipp® kit contains a CE-certified teat, 5 weaning collars made in France and instructions.

These weaning collars enable you to wean your child, little by little, by reducing the sucking habit in 5 stages.

Eventually, pacifier use slowly becomes more complicated... The child will gradually stop using the pacifier on his own until he DEFINITELY STOPS.

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Lots of good reasons to give up the pacifier

From an ORTHODONTIC point of view, the total cessation of teats

Correct positioning of tongue and teeth

Enlargement of the palate

Resuming nasal breathing

Better chewing and swallowing

Freer phonation

Less speech therapy and orthodontics.


A project born of two observations

Conceived in 2015 by Arnaud and Virginie, both orthotists specializing in orthodontics and ODF, Clipp® was brought to life in earnest in 2021. The Clipp® weaning teat was born of two observations:

Many fittings in children due to late sucking Non-Nutritive

No existing device for gentle pacifier release


Tested and weaned

En tant que dentiste pédiatrique également ,je rajouterais que cette tétine à l’avantage de proposer un système qui rassure les…

Dr Trogneux Dentiste pédiatrique

" un système qui rassure les parents "

Super tétine de transition qui permet un arret en douceur. Très bien acceptée par nos petits patients. Nous recommandons !

Dr Filipe Lauriane Chirurgien dentiste pédiatrique

" Nous recommandons ! "

Bravo à Clipp d’avoir eu cette idée géniale pour aider au sevrage de la tétine. Avoir la possibilité de conserver…

dr.ptits.chicots Dentiste pédiatrique

" conserver sa tétine pendant le processus c'est un énorme avantage "

Super tétine si vous souhaitez que votre enfant arrête! Mon fils de 2 ans a pu arrêter en douceur. Très…

Ons Chadli Orthodontiste

" Les dents commencent déjà à se resserrer "

Avis de maman et de professionnelle puisque je suis orthophoniste. Nous venons de terminer le sevrage avec mon fils de…

Marie Lecoquierre Orthophoniste

" Nous sommes bluffés " enfant : 4ans


Prescribers & retailers

Are you a pharmacist, dentist, orthodontist, speech therapist or other healthcare professional? Would you like to prescribe or offer Clipp® to your customers or patients? Take advantage of special sliding-scale prices reserved for professionals.
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